Cause Honey, We Ain't The Huxtables

A practical ''instruction manual'' for choosing the right spouse... for you

by Sabrina B. Parker

What is the recipe for a happy marriage?

The answer lies in the quality of the time you take to carefully evaluate your options. Finding the right spouse is not an overnight process. Jumping into marriage just because of loneliness, social pressures, ignorance or impatience is not only self-defeating, it is also unfair to your partner and your potential children, who will greatly suffer the brunt of your actions.

Cause Honey, We Ain’t the Huxtables is an insightful and perspective-filled book that will equip you with ample knowledge as you venture forth into a life-long commitment. Honest, realistic and eye-opening, this compelling book is a must-read for singles and couples alike.

So what are you waiting for? Let the wisdom of this page-turner lead you to a life of fulfillment with your right match.